Exterior Essentials Samples Pack

Unleash the Brilliance of Your Vehicle’s Exterior!

Elevate your car’s exterior detailing routine with the Angelwax Exterior Essentials Pack — an awesome collection designed to cleanse, protect, and enhance the aesthetic allure of your vehicle.

SHAMPOO – Superior Automotive Shampoo (100ml): Immerse your vehicle in a luxurious bath. Our Shampoo not only cleans but leaves a streak-free, high-gloss finish, setting the stage for an exceptional detailing experience.

DREAMCOAT – SiO2 Spray On/Rinse Off Coating (100ml): Embrace the future of protection! DREAMCOAT, with its innovative SiO2 formula allows you to simply spray on and rinse off to create a durable, hydrophobic shield that enhances your car’s shine that builds up on the vehicles surface with every use.

QED – Quick Detailing Spray (100ml): Perfect your vehicle’s appearance on the go. QED enhances gloss and provides a quick, protective boost between regular washes.

ENIGMA ELIXIR – Ceramic Tyre Dressing (100ml): Give your tyres the attention they deserve. ENIGMA ELIXIR ceramic tyre dressing not only enriches the colour of your tyres but also provides lasting protection against the elements.