Angelwax Ceramic Coating Accreditation Programme Application

Your acceptance into the programme is reliant on the following criteria:

Experience: You will be a detailer with a good level of knowledge and the ability to demonstrate this knowledge through your website or social media platforms. A telephone conversation with one of our trainers will take place to ascertain your knowledge and skillset before being enrolled onto the training course. Your practical skills will be assessed on the training course before certification is granted, a great opportunity for you to strut your stuff and show us what you’ve got!

Premises: Having your own business unit is essential to apply the Angelwax range of coatings. The nature of our coatings means that the vehicle cannot be driven until the bonding process has taken place and the vehicle must remain indoors for the duration of this chemical process.

Insurance: You will need to provide proof of both liability and trade insurance, and this will be supplied prior to the commencement of the training programme