Eden Air Freshener 250ml

Angelwax EDEN is a beautifully crafted air freshener designed to leave the environment within your vehicle smelling fresh & rejuvenated. With fruit and woody notes, our unique combination of fragrance & odour eliminators gets to work on carpets and interior fabrics to leave them smelling heavenly!

As with all of the Angelwax creations, EDEN has been rigorously tested in our laboratory and by the best detailers in the business to ensure that we have formulated yet another perfect product for the care of your vehicle.

[su_box title=”Packaging Change”]Due to the COVID pandemic, PET and HDPE packaging has been in short supply due to a growing demand for cleaning and sanitising products.

PET is used in the manufacturing of our air freshener bottles and has meant that the containers that we regularly use will not be available until next year. We have decided to discontinue the 300ml bottle and instead use a the 250ml HDPE bottle which is more readily available and one which we have in stock.

With a reduced amount of product within the bottle, the prices have been amended accordingly and the smaller bottle means that larger pack sizes are now available.

Sorry for any convenience. [/su_box]