Ark Marine Poseidon Ceramic All-in-one Compound

ARK MARINE POSEIDON CERAMIC ALL-IN-ONE COMPOUND has been specifically developed to correct, refine, polish and protect the gel coat and other painted exterior marine surfaces of boats, yachts and a variety of watercraft.

The diminishing micro-abrasives within the compound are encapsulated by a nano-ceramic component which hardens and strengthens these abrasives allowing the compound to cut for significantly longer. As these micro-abrasives break down, the process of refining and polishing commences. Once the polishing process has been completed, our unique nano- ceramic coating forms an ultra-high gloss protective layer over the treated area with durability lasting up to 2 months.

APPLICATION: POSEIDON can be applied with a machine polisher or by hand. For a professional finish, always apply using a machine polisher.