Blizzard Foaming Lance Product Delivery System. Angelwax BLIZZARD is a Professional Snow Foam Lance designed to dispense your chosen Angelwax wash product quickly and safely. When used as directed and as part of your 3 step wash system, the intense foam created by the Angelwax BLIZZARD encapsulates, softens and then removes dirt & contamination quickly and safely. Foam Lances are supplied with the following adaptors:

Foam Lances can be used with the following Angelwax products.

Angelwax CLEANLINESS - Intensive Citrus Pre-wash
Angelwax FASTFOAM - Professional Detailing Snowfoam
Angelwax BLUE RINSE - Wax Infused Finale

Top Tip:  After removing Angelwax FASTFOAM, use Angelwax SHAMPOO to wash the car down completely before finishing with Angelwax BLUE RINSE.

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